This is where the fighting gets done. Read on and get the lowdown on the monsters that inhabit the world of Moonstone, and how to beat the bastards into the ground…


In each territory there are six lairs to be explored and bested. Each is filled with a certain number of monsters that must be defeated in order to acquire their treasure. Only one lair in each region contains one of the four keys required to enter the Valley of the Gods. Once a knight beats a lair, you are awarded an additional experience point. (Tip: don’t loot all the treasure and the lair won’t disappear, meaning you can repeatedly raid it for multiples experience points.)

The Misty Moors


The Troggs are a terrible humanoid race who roam through three of the four territories. They are highly intelligent and have formed a society akin to humans, whom they hate with a burning desire for forcing them to live in places deemed unfit for humanity. Troggs located in the Misty Moors wield spears or axes.

Trogg War Beasts

These hideous monstrosities have been raised on human flesh.

The Wetlands


Trolls are vicious creatures that feed on human flesh. They are large, hairless humanoids that fight with huge clubs capable of striking down the mightiest warrior with one blow. These legendary creatures are greatly feared throughout the land.


This strange race that infests the Wetlands seems more like a colony of intelligent plant life found in the mud than an actual animal, but sages say more research is needed. They are hard to see as they just appear to rise out of the mud, overpower a knight and drag him down into the mud to do unspeakable things to him.

The Great Forest


Troggs located in the Great Forest wield axes.


The ratmen are a small, carnivorous race that exist in the trees of The Great Forest. They are not very strong, but are always found together in large numbers and are exceedingly agile. They are often referred to as “Moon Devils” because they seem to grow stronger as the moon waxes. It is also known that these little creatures carry a deadly disease and if you are bitten by one of them you must be quickly healed by the healer or drink a healing potion, or you will surely perish and fail in your quest.

The Northern Wastelands


Troggs located in the Northern Wastelands wield hammers.


Baloks are vicious humanoids with huge jaws, long teeth and powerful limbs. Legend has it that Math magically engineered these beasts in his youth to act as guards for his tower, but the experiment failed and they have since escaped and multiplied. They now stalk the northern wastelands in search of prey and are one of the most feared creatures.