Concept Art – Official

Official Moonstone Concept Art by Rob Anderson

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Concept/Fan Art – Unofficial

On the 1st April 2011 (no Fool!) I received a wonderful surprise in my inbox from Joakim Hellstedt.

Hello Rob Taylor! First off, let me just say that I consider the Moonstone Tavern to be fantastic, it’s really a shrine to one of the best (and sadly too forgotten) “low fantasy” games ever. My name is Joakim Hellstedt, and nowadays I’m a freelancing concept artist – mostly for the videogame industry. I and many others I work/have worked with love Moonstone and have many times nagged various bosses over the years to look up the possibilities of a remake – or at least the possibility to create something in the same spirit. Even though it never happened, I and a concept artist friend of mine (Henrik Sahlström) chose to create something anyway! What if Moonstone was to be made again?

With this in mind we created a set of concept art (of various truthfulness to the original – most freedoms taken, we consider, pretty reasonable). You being one of the few people with a real Moonstone passion, I wanted to make sure you could share them. (We did them in our spare time, I made 3 and Henrik a whopping 15 (!) over the last year or so – I blame my lack of submissions compared to Henrik’s abundance on the fact that he is single..) We still dream of a day when we can have Moonstone playthrough without crashes 🙂 And be it original or a proper remake, it would be an excellent addition to Xbox Live/PSN. I hope it’s to your enjoyment! (Feel free to forward it to the game creators if you think they’d enjoy it as well.)”

Below is a gallery of the guys’ incredible concept art – it’s both utterly evocative and uncannily close to how I’d imagine the original Moonstone team might have envisaged things back in the day. What a huge treat for us fans.

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Miscellaneous Other Fan Art

Some fantastic efforts in here.

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