Feast your eyes on some of the equipment you get to lay your manly hands on during your quest. With all of this butt-kicking gear those bad guys don’t stand a chance… do they?

Magic Items

To invoke a magic item, bring up the inventory screen of the knight by hitting the “SPACE BAR”. Then, using the joystick move the dagger pointer over the magic item you want to select and press the fire button.

Potions, scrolls, and gems (except the Moonstones) disappear after one use. Other magic objects have unlimited uses. Each magic item has its own market value determined by the druids in the High Temple in High Wood.

Sword of Sharpness

The most powerful weapon in the game. Usually found upon dispatching the dragon, although some lucky players may chance upon the blessed blade even earlier in the quest!

Potion of Healing

This will heal a knight to full hit points or, if he is already at full points, add 1 additional life point.

Gem of Seeing

By using this magic item, you may look within a lair and see what treasure exists there. Upon invoking the gem of seeing you will return to the region map but your icon will appear as a crystal ball. To view the contents of a lair move the crystal ball over top of the lair and press the fire button.

Ring of Protection

This magical ring increases the amount of damage you can take in a combat. Upon taking this item you will see your hit points increase.

Talisman of the Wyrm

This magical cross will reduce the damage from dragons by half. This effect accumulates so the more crosses you possess, the less damage you suffer. A knight should be sure to possess this item before doing battle with the Dragon.

Scroll of Haste

When this scroll is invoked it will allow you to move twice as far as you normally could in one day. If cursed with a disease, you will only travel half your normal distance.

Scroll of Acquisition

This magical scroll will allow you to take one object from another knight. Upon invoking the scroll you will see the inventory of the other knights on the right side of the screen. To select a different knight move the pointer over top of the arrows in the centre strip and press the fire button. This enables you to rotate through the knights. When you see the knight you wish to plunder, move the pointer over top of the item you wish to take him and press the fire button.

Scroll of the Hawk

When this scroll is invoked it will allow you to move to any location in the four territories with the exception of Valley of the Gods . If this scroll has been cursed, you will be teleported to a random location on the map.

Scroll of the Wyrm

When this scroll is invoked it will force the Dragon to attack another knight. Using the arrows in the centre strip on the inventory screen select the knight which you wish target. If the scroll has been cursed, the knight that invoked the scroll will be attacked by the Dragon. Be warned!

Scroll of Protection

If you are victim of an unprovoked attack, you will be prompted, if you so wish, to cast your scroll of protection in order to avoid the battle. If the scroll has been cursed though, it will cause your controls to be reversed during battle.

Magic Keys

There are four magic keys in the land. You must collect all four keys in order to enter the Valley of the Gods, there to meet the Guardian.


You will be awarded a moonstone upon defeating the Guardian within the Valley of the Gods. There are four possible Moonstones that you could be awarded. A full Moonstone, new Moonstone, or one of two half Moonstones (one waxing, one waning). Each Moonstone will double the amount of hit points you currently have during the proper moon cycle of the moonstone.