This is it… the culmination of the quest. Sit back, put your feet up – why not have a beer? – and see how this glorious title drew to a close.

Many gamers never got to finish Moonstone due to its tricky difficulty level (although I always found it relatively easy once you learned how to kill the dragon) and -perhaps more importantly – the fact that it crashed a heck of a lot. So I figured that people would want to see what in fact happened if you did manage to complete the quest. I guess some of you have been waiting a long time to see how the tale finally turned out.

Many thanks to my Team 17 pal Tony Landais for advising me to include an ending video

The full impact of what you have achieved (crashes and all!) hits home

The intro rocked, so what will the ending hold in store?

As before, your brave knight waits anxiously for the ceremony to begin

Only this time he clenches in his armoured hand the elusive object of the quest – a moonstone!

Once again, the monks assemble inside the stone circle

Exotic dancers herald the arrival of the moonstone as the ritual begins

Arms held aloft, the quest knight offers the moonstone to the gods

They answer his prayers with a massive electrical storm

The knight is suddenly engulfed in the lightning!

Blazing with holy might, our brave hero is carried aloft into the heavens

The earth is now but a distant object

But what’s this – the quest knight has exploded into a cacophony of stars!

In an everlasting tribute to his bravery and might, the Gods have granted the knight his own astral constellation

His selfless deeds of derring-do will never be forgotten…

What a guy.