Could this be the most mouth-watering intro sequence of any game, ever?

A very sacred time is upon the people. A time that descends once every thousand years. As the Druids will be only too happy to tell you, this is the season of the Moonstones! Danu, the spirit of the moon, has turned his attention away from the activities of the cosmos to those of the earth. It is during such a time that the Gods bestow a fabulous gift to the greatest warrior in the land; a gift of ultimate power! But first such a warrior would have to prove himself.

The full moon glares down ominously upon the landscape

Thus, the first warrior to complete “The Quest of the Moonstones” will receive this great blessing. But any warrior considering such a quest must be prepared to wander the surrounding land, enduring many hardships, risking life and limb all the while.

Torches held aloft, a line of druids make their way along a forest trail

The land comprises four vast territories. To the northeast are the Northern Wastelands, home to giant Baloks that inhabit this great rocky territory. To the northwest are the Misty Moors, with their great tribes of vicious Troggs. Southwest lies the Great Forest, infested with the cunning Ratmen. And finally to the southeast you will discover the Wetlands, where half plant, half humanoid Mudmen stalk human prey inside their vast swamp.

The cowled figures approach a vast circle of stones

Over all these territories the Great Dragon roams high in the sky, searching like a hawk for the next traveller to eat or plunder. Hidden deep in the middle of the four territories, at the very heart of the land, lies the most sacred of places, “The Valley of the Gods”, wherein can be found the sacred Moonstones. To complete the quest, you will have to assume the arms and armour of a knight. Then you must explore all the lands that surround you to find the four keys which will give you access into the Valley of the Gods.

The acolytes assemble whilst the head druid ascends the podium

Along the way you will have to defeat many creatures and retain their gold and magic treasures to increase your strength so that you might survive the perils of the shadowy half world that lies within. Once the keys are found, you will then make your way to the Valley to find the sacred Moonstone, fighting horrible demons of immense power and strength.

Relics held aloft, the shaman prays for the gods to hear his request

Once a Moonstone is acquired, you must then race to Stonehenge to present the fruit of your quest to the great Moon God, Danu. However, there are four possible Moonstones that are each keyed to a different phase of the moon, so you will have to wait for the right phase before completing your quest.

His calls are answered by means of a violent lightning storm

But wait! Did you think you would be alone in the quest? Of course not! All the great knights of the land know of this most sacred of events. So there will be other warriors looking to complete the quest. You will certainly have to do battle with many mighty warriors before your quest is done.

Meanwhile, a quest knight waits anxiously in the background

Moreover, you are bound to encounter the dreaded Black Knights, who wander the land trying to convince any who will listen that the Druids are heretics, slaying any who do not. They particularly hate the quest of the Moonstones and will track down any who participate, especially if they are close to completing the quest! These knights are renowned for their ability to raise their skills during combat. They are never beaten until they are slain!

The knight is anointed whilst the storm rages on. The quest for the moonstones has begun!

After long, careful thought you decide to surrender to the fates and the strength of your metal. Donning your warmest clothing and grabbing your trusty sword and armour you set off, swearing to be the first to complete the quest or to die trying: for none can resist the pull of the Moonstones.