Fancy yourself as a knight about town? Then you’ll need to know how to prosper in these places to get the most out of your quest…
The City of Highwood

Highwood stands proudly upon a hilltop, offering much-needed sanctuary…

Located within the misty moors, where the high circle of the Druids resides, is the seat of religious power. The great druids are very secretive and don’t generally deal with outsiders. One exception is that they trade artefacts of a magical nature for religious research in the High Temple. To discover the cost of an item, move your pointer over its icon and the the value will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Choose carefully from the High Temple…

The City of Waterdeep

Waterdeep is situated deep within the most fearsome region in the land – the deadly Wetlands…

Located within the wetlands you will find the home of Mythral the mystic . He is renowned for his ability to lift a knight’s soul to a higher cosmic plane . When your soul is returned to your body, you will find that your abilities have been either raised or lowered by 1 point. It is a gamble you must take if you put your trust in Mythral. You may increase your odds with Mythral by donating more gold. A minimum of 10 gold pieces should be donated to improve your chances.

Don’t forget that Mythral can hinder as much as aid you. Or… just do plain nothing.

Within the walls of both Highwood and Waterdeep, you will find many interesting characters. Healers, Inn-keepers and Merchants. Some of these should be of more than academic interest; the potions and weapons they will sell you will save your life!


Don’t be too miserly with your tips else all you’re likely to end up with are some roots and herbal tea!

The healer charges 10 gold pieces to heal a knight to full hit points and 15 gold pieces for each life point. You must be at full hit point status before the healer can heal life points.


Gambling is a mug’s game – make sure you don’t end up losing all your hard-won spoils down the boozer.

A popular game played in the taverns is ‘Dragon Dice’. The game is run by a Dragon Dice Master and is played by placing a bet (ranging from 1 to 5 gold pieces) before rolling 3 “Dragon Dice”. If one of the following combinations is rolled, in any order, then the corresponding payback ratio is won:


Merchants sell armour and weapons. The prices are as follows:

Throwing Dagger: 2GP

Broad Sword: 10GP

Claymore Sword: 25GP

Chainmail Armour: 30GP

Platemail Armour: 50GP

Battleplate Armour: 75GP


Each knight has his own home village from which you start at the beginning of the quest. No other knight may enter your home village under any circumstance. If, when you return wounded to your village, you have less than 3 life points your senior village druid will heal you to full hit points and grant you a free life point. This kind gift is only granted 3 times throughout the course of the Quest.

Wizard’s Tower

The mighty wizard Math, the most powerful mage in the land, resides in his desolate tower in the northern wasteland. If he is pleased to see you he will bestow upon you either a magic item, money, or choose to raise either your strength, constitution, or endurance by one point. If he is annoyed by your insolence however, he will turn you into a toad for a number of turns. The more often you visit him, the more likely he is to become annoyed.

A visit to Math for some assistance can be risky business…

…but thankfully the old geezer’s in a good mood today. Wahey! More constitution!

Uh oh – Toad time! That bloody Math…


This is a very sacred location, second only to the Valley of the Gods. This is where the channels to the gods are most strongly felt. The first knight to present a Moonstone during the correct phase of the moon will have proven himself to be the greatest warrior in the land and will be lifted up to the heavens to sit by the gods for time immemorial.

Stonehenge can also be used for healing purposes. If a knight offers a magic object, you will be healed to full hit points and receive 1 life point.

Offer an item of a magical nature to Danu and you never know what you might receive in return!

Valley of the Gods

Once you have collected all 4 keys and you feel strong enough to endure the wrath of the Guardian, you may then enter the Valley of the Gods located in the centre of the 4 territories. If you defeat the Guardian in battle, you will be granted a Moonstone. While you remain within the Valley, you are untouchable by other knights.

The centre of the world of Moonstone – the mysterious Valley of the Gods…


The Valley of the Gods is guarded by sinister demons. Only the best warriors in the land will ever stand a chance against a guardian. They can drain points from a warrior’s abilities and when they defeat you in combat, they take 3 lives instead of 1!   It is essential that you must possess the best armour before you join battle with a guardian, or else it will be a short extremely one-sided battle.

This bad momma is the final obstacle between you and one of the four precious Moonstones! By this stage in the quest, you should be strong enough to comprehensively defeat her, although if she gets you in a corner then beware her lightning attack…